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Taylor Larson

Government Affairs Associate

Taylor is an attorney and member of LS2group’s government affairs team.

Before joining LS2group, Taylor worked in several facets of government and government affairs, with experience in both the Iowa Senate and Iowa House. Taylor also lent her talents to the LS2group public affairs and government affairs teams for several semesters while attending Drake University.

As a law student at Drake, Taylor gained legislative practice experience through tailored coursework and internships, and she received the legislative practice certificate upon graduation with honors. Recently, Taylor has spent time researching and writing on the political process and co-authoring articles on gerrymandering and primary election reform. Both are pending publication in the City University of New York Law Review and the Concordia Law Review in the next year.

Taylor is a 2015 graduate of Drake University with a degree in public relations and a minor in marketing. She became a member of the Iowa Bar in September 2018.

Des Moines, IA
[email protected]