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Joel Stenseth

Account Coordinator

Joel specializes in public relations and international affairs.

Before joining LS2group, Joel worked for the event and conference services staff of the Iowa State Center at Iowa State University and served as a physics and calculus tutor. Joel gained international experience working as an administrative assistant in Spain and through an internship with the LS2group international team.

Joel graduated magna cum laude from Iowa State University, where he majored in world languages and cultures with a Spanish focus. He also earned minors in physics and philosophy and received the 2017 Jun Ye & Huiquing Wang Physics Award. He was involved in the ISU Democrats Club, Polyglot Club, multiple intramural sports, and helped to create a Students for Yang club before graduating. He was also active in multiple Spanish language exchanges.

With a diverse academic background and a passion for languages and cultures, Joel brings a valuable perspective to the LS2group international team.

Joel is originally from Altoona, Iowa and currently resides in Ames.

Des Moines, IA
[email protected]