Getting involved in a virtual world

Aug 05

Written by LS2group

While life has returned to a new normal in the wake of COVID-19, many people looking to volunteer in the aftermath are adapting in the new socially distant and virtual world. 

LS2group team members have a rich history of being involved in the Des Moines area whether through young professional groups, nonprofits, or even political campaigns. 

“Organizations and campaigns still need our support even as the world seems to be at a standstill,” said LS2group Account Coordinator Jordan Goode. “Your time, talents, and passion remain essential.” 

Goode says while the volunteer work might look different now, it doesn’t stop her from lending a helping hand at Variety, a nonprofit that helps children. 

Aside from nonprofits adjusting to the new landscape, campaigning during the pandemic has presented unique opportunities for voters and constituents to get involved from the comfort of their own homes. These opportunities include virtual phone banks and events.   

“We live in a digital age,” said LS2group Account Manager Ashley Miller. “COVID-19 may have put a stop to meeting with voters in person, but we have so many capabilities at our fingertips to get creative and get connected on behalf of our candidates.” 

While many events have moved virtual, some candidates are holding small gatherings. 

“I’ve been to campaign events over the last couple weeks where everyone was mindful of social distancing guidelines and respectful of other attendees’ space,” explained LS2group Senior Account Manager Nick Crawford. “It’s interesting to see how these types of campaign events and the campaigns themselves are evolving in this new time.” 

Whether it’s getting involved at a nonprofit or with a campaign, one thing remains clear, even in our new normal, volunteers are always needed and welcomed.