Leverage Your Brand Through Video Content

Jul 02

Written by LS2group

When scrolling through your social media apps, you’ve probably noticed how often you’ll stop and watch a video rather than read an article. According to Oberlo , 82% of internet traffic is video-based, which means this is a great way to build your brand.

However, while it may seem simple to produce, shoot, edit, and post a video, there is a lot more to keep in mind in order to make your video content stand out.

  1. Identify your message: Before the cameras start rolling, you need to identify what you’d like in your video and what message you’d like to relay through your content. Writing an outline, which includes the type of video shots you’ll need prior to starting the production, will make the process easier and smoother.
  2. Keep it short: Over the past 20 years, people’s attention span has decreased significantly. According to a study by Microsoft, in 2000 the average person had an attention span of 12 seconds; today, it’s only eight seconds. This means people won’t sit on their phones or at their computers to watch a three-minute video. Try to keep videos between 30 seconds and one minute. If you have a good storyline and strong interviews, one minute is all you will need to get your message across.
  3. Don’t be afraid to get creative: Creating video content should be fun, and your video is sure to get more views if it’s exciting to watch. A few ways to get creative include shooting your interviews at a different angle or in a different location. When editing, add music, a graphic, or still pictures instead of just using general video between interviews.
  4. Invest your time: The process for creating video content takes patience, and in order to make sure your video looks as professional as possible, you need to invest your time. When shooting your interviews or general video make sure the audio is clear, the video color is balanced, and the camera is steady. When editing your video, double-check that you don’t have jump cuts or black frames. Also, make sure the audio levels aren’t too loud. Taking your time throughout the entire process will help make your video look great and your brand look professional.