Beginning Anew During COVID-19

Jul 08

Written by LS2group

Sitting at her new desk, Taylor Adams organizes and prepares for her first meeting as an account coordinator at LS2group.

“I’m excited to use my skills to help our clients, but I’m also looking forward to working at a place with diverse viewpoints and co-workers who have varying opinions on topics,” she said.

Adams is no stranger to the LS2group team; she spent this past fall as an intern learning the ins and outs of public relations while also assisting the international team.

“The managers I worked with as an intern were one of the reasons I wanted to come back and work here,” Adams explained. “They worked on interesting accounts and always made me feel welcome.”

A few short months after her internship ended, Adams walked across the stage at Iowa State University celebrating everything she had worked for over the past four years. As she looked ahead with excitement about finding her first job and renting her first apartment, a global pandemic hit.

“It was difficult sitting at home and feeling like you weren’t contributing, but there really wasn’t anything you could do.”

Unlike other recent graduates, Adams says she was fortunate to land a job interview and receive a job offer prior to everything shutting down.

“I interviewed at LS2group a week before everything went downhill,” she explained. “It was comforting to know I had a job but having to wait was frustrating.”

She added that while these last few months have been filled with uncertainty, she is looking forward to what the future holds.