Q&A: One Year at LS2group

May 20

Written by LS2group

Dear Reader,

Today marks our one-year workiversary at LS2group! What a crazy past couple of months it has been in the communications profession. Nevertheless, this past year has taught us so much about the industry and has shed light on our potential as successful communication professionals. We are excited to share how our experience at LS2group has enriched the beginning of our careers!

What is your favorite thing about working at LS2group?

Jordan: I’m in awe of the talent and work ethic of my LS2group team members. From coming together for last minute projects, to Friday happy hours and team lunches, I’m grateful to be part of an amazing team. 

Mariah: I would also have to say the people. The LS2group team brings a wealth of experience from many different backgrounds. I’ve learned so much from my colleagues, and they’re always eager to help when they can.

How have you seen yourself grow this past year?

Jordan: I’ve become a much stronger advocate! LS2group has presented many opportunities for me to learn about issues I may not have ever considered before and raise them with community leaders around the country. Because of this, I’ve met and made long-lasting relationships with people from both sides of the political spectrum.   

What is something you’ve had to overcome professionally this past year?

Mariah: Networking was a challenge for me, and sometimes I still struggle! I’m an introvert by nature, so getting to know new people can be difficult and feel awkward. Luckily, the more you network, the less you need to network. Your new connections can introduce you to their connections, and your professional network will expand naturally!

What piece of advice would you give to new-to-the-industry professionals?

Jordan: Follow-up calls make a world of difference when working with the media. Doing so will not only help you secure media placements for your clients, but it’ll help you build media relations in the long run. 

Mariah: Take notes! You’ll be learning so much at the beginning of your career that it will be difficult to remember everything. Having good notes to refer to really helps reduce your mental load and helps you adjust much more quickly. A year in, I still occasionally refer to notes I took in my first month as a refresher.

If you’re just now entering into the industry, don’t fret! Find a place like LS2group that encourages to you grow and succeed. As for us, we’re grateful for the rich experience LS2group has equipped us with and are ecstatic to continue to grow our careers. What a great year it has been!


Jordan Goode & Mariah Kerns