Networking During COVID-19

May 13

Written by Ashley Miller

After weeks of suddenly being forced to stay home, many of us are starting to feel a little stir crazy. While face-to-face events have been canceled for the duration of the COVID-19 shutdown, there are still ways to maintain connections while practicing safe distancing.

As we update our daily work routines, it’s important to also change our regular networking practices to maintain and create new connections. Many organizations have organized remote happy hours and other events to maintain a sense of community.

Reach out to contacts that you haven’t heard from in a while

Now is the perfect time to reach out to people you’ve connected with to maintain your relationship. Reach out to ask how they’re doing or if they need anything.

Another great way to stay connected is to engage your connections on social media. Read, like, and comment on their posts, or help share their original content.

Seek out remote events offered by groups you’re interested in   

Many organizations are hosting online events, trainings, and happy hours to keep members connected. Seek out opportunities within organizations you’re already a part of or take this as a chance to get involved in a new organization.

Many of the organizations I’m active in are hosting regular happy hours, which are a great time to unwind and maintain my presence. Now is also a great time to volunteer for candidates or political groups. Help send mailers, update voter databases, or participate in phone and text banking.