Staying Connected Virtually

Apr 08

Written by LS2group

As flowers bloom and the sun shines, people across the country are finding themselves unable to enjoy typical spring activities. Instead, many people are stuck inside and working from home as states issue stay-at-home orders and encourage social distancing as a way to combat the spread of COVID-19.

For many people, especially those who live alone, isolation keeps them from their normal social interaction. For companies, the longer employees work remotely, the more office morale and camaraderie decline.

However, technology is making it possible for workplaces, friends, and family to keep social interaction intact, which is important now more than ever.

For the past three Fridays, LS2group has held a virtual happy hour, each with a new theme. During these happy hours, team members share how their week went, and sometimes there is even trivia. For employees, these virtual happy hours are a welcomed social event.

“There is so much going on in the world, so it is nice LS2group takes time to value relationships amongst team members,” said Account Coordinator Jordan Goode. “Sometimes during the week, the virtual happy hour is the only chance we get to catch up with one another and let loose.”

Goode adds the virtual happy hours also give her a chance to talk with people in the other state offices.

“Team members from our St. Louis and Minneapolis offices also join the virtual happy hours, so it is nice to see them and socialize a little with them since we don’t see them when we’re in the office.”

For others, staying connected while being apart is a way to keep friendships thriving.  

“I just moved to Iowa this past fall, so most of my girlfriends are also co-workers,” explained Senior Account Manager Courtney Ryan. “Since we haven’t been in the office or able to grab drinks on the weekend, we decided to have a Wine Wednesday to catch up virtually.”

As the social world continues to change and adjust in this new normal, one thing remains the same: people need human contact, even if it is virtual.