Understanding your clients equals success

Feb 13

Written by Demaree Donaghu

Clients turn to LS2group to help promote their brand or message or to help with crisis communications or media training. During my time with LS2group, I’ve worked with many different clients and learned something from each of them. In order to properly and successfully promote a client, you need to understand their needs. Below are tips from my experience in understanding a client’s needs. 

Understand your clients’ schedules

As public relations professionals, it’s important to be aware of where our clients are in the world and what our clients have going on. When this is recognized, you can better anticipate your clients’ needs. Keep track and make note of all your clients’ schedules and adjust your schedule accordingly; being flexible with your time and respectful of theirs goes a long way.

Understanding your clients’ schedules also opens the door for you to offer up your expertise. Is your client attending an event, going out of town, meeting with important stakeholders? Use this as an opportunity to showcase your dedication to their success by offering to assist them in whatever they have going on.

Be amendable when your clients’ plans change

Plans change, it’s an inevitable part of the public relations industry. In such instances, it’s important for you and your team to be open and responsive to your clients’ changing needs.

Take charge of any new opportunity your client is presented with even if it wasn’t part of the “original plan.” Use these situations as a building block to better understand your clients’ goals and all they hope to achieve. At the end of the day, be mindful of your clients’ unique and evolving ambitions and what you can do to help them meet their objectives.

Continue to brainstorm new ideas

Public relations professionals are creative creatures. Clients come to us for our ideas, intuition, and prowess. Don’t let them down! Be vocal about your ideas and your plans for their success. Not only will they be thankful for your ability to recognize their needs, you’ll be able to establish trust and credibility.

At the end of the day, helping your clients successfully accomplish their goals becomes one of your ultimate achievements. Always keep communication open and be willing to grow and adapt to the various needs of all your clients. This is a huge first step in becoming a strong and credible public relations professional.