Working at LS2group

Oct 30

Written by Ashley Hunt

Just over five years ago, I graduated college and started working full time at LS2group, only two weeks after my graduation day. Since starting my career at LS2group, I’ve grown not just professionally, but also personally, and I’ve created and cultivated a network that extends both personally and professionally. I discovered a new passion for politics, worked on a vast range of projects, and gotten the opportunity to be part of a team that is diverse in experiences, talented beyond belief, and full of good people.

Just last month, our firm was recognized as the top place for young professionals to work by the Des Moines Business Record. As a young professional who started her career at LS2group and has grown professionally and personally, I’ve reflected back on some of the things I believe has made LS2group a valued place for folks at any stage of their career.


At LS2group, we’re known to work hard. That doesn’t mean we don’t have some chances to play hard too! Come by LS2group on a Friday afternoon and you may see some of the staff working together in the big conference room, complete with a glass of wine! This allows us to bounce ideas off of each other, unwind after what may have been a busy and stressful week, and ultimately get to know each other.

We don’t keep the fun to the conference room either. From annual outings to the Iowa State Fair, to a chance to catch an I-Cubs game in the summer or Iowa Wild during the winter, a concert at the Hard Rock Café, or just grabbing some drinks at local Beechwood Lounge, our team is always looking for ways to support clients and Iowa businesses, and to experience the fun that our communities have to offer.

And did I mention we’re a dog friendly office? As a dog mom myself, this is one of my favorite parts of working at LS2group. My own pup, Harrison Ford, enjoys the attention he gets throughout the day (especially the treat box I keep at my door to entice anyone stopping by to chat with me to also give Harrison a treat).


LS2group has a diverse team of passionate people. LS2groupies come from both sides of the aisle, or sometimes aren’t political at all. They’ve worked campaigns, worked as reporters, worked in nonprofits, for banks and health insurance companies. They’ve worked in Iowa or Minnesota, or elsewhere in the Midwest, or they’ve lived abroad. What might not be one person’s strength is most certainly someone else’s. And what might not be the perspective or opinion of one person, may very likely be an opinion of the next person. We use these differences to our advantage – learning other viewpoints or having friendly political debate. (I said friendly!!!)

I’ve met some of my closest friends working at LS2group (in fact, I just went on a trip abroad with two former coworkers). I’ve learned more than I ever expected to learn from peers. I’ve met some of my most valued mentors working at LS2group. And when we say the LS2group family – we mean it.


Perhaps what makes LS2group stand out from some of the other companies I may have worked for in another life is the amount of opportunities I’ve received being a member of this team. Leading up to 2016, I met every single presidential candidate. I attended private meetings with sitting U.S. senators, and had lunch with some of Des Moines’ top business leaders. I’ve worked with clients on numerous charity efforts – benefitting children in hospitals, first responders and their families, and local nonprofits working to make their small communities a healthier place. I’ve even attended inaugural balls and galas that benefit Des Moines’s art scene.

I have taken on leadership positions for a number of organizations, working on issues that are near and dear to my heart (women running for office, literacy efforts), and political groups that align with my values.

I’ve worked on a vast variety of projects and with a number of clients spanning a ton of industries – from healthcare and gaming to fiscal issues and energy. Each day at my job is a new one – and I never know what to expect. So sure, I’d say I’m pretty lucky to have started my professional life working at a place like LS2group. And did I mention? We’re hiring. So don’t just take my word for it… come join the LS2group team and find out for yourself.