The Four Best Professional ‘Thank-You’ Gifts

Oct 02

Written by Amy Luong

Want a way to make your event more memorable? Consider handing out thank-you gifts. Thank-you gifts foster buzz around your event even after it’s over and will help you and your company reach new demographics.

To keep the conversation going about your company and its event, remember to keep these things in mind before purchasing thank-you gifts. First, be sure the gift is relevant to the event, your company, and its key industries. Second, the gift should appropriately align with your company’s goals, values, and mission. Lastly, dedicate a small amount of your company’s budget to be spent on thank-you gifts. Keeping these tips in mind, here are four of the best professional thank-you gifts for your next event:

1. Phone Accessories

While they are kind of pricey, stick-on wallets, phone grips, and portable phone chargers make great gifts for your event guests. These accessories are great overall as an additional use for your phone, and they are a trendy way to market your or your client’s business.

2. Reusable Water Bottles

As the world tries to be more eco-friendly and water bottles become an everyday accessory, giving out foldable, aluminum, and heavy-duty water bottles has been trending as popular, personalized gifts for your client and guests.

3. Reusable Bags

These can double as a gift bag to hold all the small gifts or materials that you may be giving out at the event. Bags make it easier for your guests to be able to hold everything they have so they are also able to network with others around them.

4. Writing Accessories

A simple notebook and pen set can go a long way for your guests. They can use it to write down notes during the event or after they leave. These are easily personalized however you would like to match the theme of the event. You can also add the itinerary for the day or resources your guests can use, such as a list of nearby restaurants, hotels, or activities to do if they are from out of town.

Any gifts that fit the event and industry you are working with are bound to be a hit with your guests. Also consider adding a hashtag with the gift to make sure guests are posting about it on social media and sharing your creativity. Finally, include a thank you or note with each gift to make your guests feel appreciated.