Shifting focus: Less going viral, more building community

Sep 05

Written by Carly Kinning

Social media has seen a transformation over the last few years. Recently, social media channels (specifically Facebook), have overhauled how they rank posts, videos, and photos that appear in users’ news feeds. Users will now see more content from their friends and less from brands and publications. Facebook made this change in response to users complaining about seeing too many ads and brands and not enough posts from their actual friends.

Also, the most used/popular Facebook tools as of late have been the events and groups features. Facebook users are looking to connect more closely with individuals, events, and topics they care about, and they are meeting that need through Facebook’s groups and events.

So what does this mean for brands on social media?

Simply put, brands are the losers of this recent overhaul. As a brand, organically reaching your audience can now be difficult. Especially when Facebook users have shown through their activity that they want to see less brand content.

This is why it is crucial for brands to build a community presence and foster relationships with their followers. Building a community will make users want to seek out your content. If you’re always trying to go viral, your followers will see through that and take your messaging at face value. Posting quality content over time will help your company build a reputable brand and a community of loyal followers.

The best way to build a community is to really try to connect with your followers. Show them what they want to see and measure your performance to make sure your content is performing well. Measure it frequently and make changes to your posting schedule and messaging as needed. Your social media pages will see greater success if the focus is shifted to strategically building a community of loyal followers rather than just going viral.

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