LS2group Staff Announcement

Aug 30

Written by LS2group

Jesse Harris, a partner at LS2group, is taking a leave of absence from the firm to serve as a senior adviser to the Joe Biden for President Campaign.

“Since LS2group was founded, we have always encouraged our team to pursue their passions and get involved in political campaigns, especially given Iowa’s unique role in hosting the first in the nation precinct caucuses,” said Joe Shannahan, partner at LS2group. “We wish Jesse well and we will welcome him back to LS2group after his time with Vice President Biden’s campaign.” 

Harris joined LS2group in late 2010 and was named partner in 2017.

“I am incredibly excited to help the Biden for President Campaign here in Iowa,” Harris said. “At the same time, I am very thankful to the partners at LS2group for allowing me to take a leave from the company and encouraging all team members to continue being involved in the electoral process.”