Three tips for writing the perfect thank you letter

Jul 17

Written by Amy Luong

Thank you letters are simple, yet important, gestures that often get overlooked. Sometimes we just become busy and forget, and other times we may not even think to write one. However, thank you letters go a long way in terms of building relationships, especially in the professional world, and should be written frequently to show our gratitude to others.

Many people think to send thank you letters after receiving gifts, but they can and should be written for nearly any purpose–for donations, after events, acts of kindness, and to show any sort of appreciation. Below are three tips on how to write the perfect thank you letter for any purpose.

  1. Make sure it’s timely. If someone makes a kind gesture for you in January, it probably doesn’t make sense to send a thank you letter in April. Writing thank you letters in a timely manner will increase the impact they have on the receiver, and it will let them know how important his or her act of kindness was to you. Sending a thank you long after the gesture may make it just feel like an afterthought – a late one.
  2. Keep it short and sweet. There’s only a set amount of space on a card, so make sure to use the space wisely. Be concise about what you are thanking the receiver for and be sure to use specific details. When reading the thank you letter, the receiver should know exactly what they are being thanked for and it should leave them with a smile.
  3. Make it personable. Take your time when writing thank you letters to show your connection to the receiver. One effective way to make it personable is to write it by hand. While thank you letters are thoughtful when written via email or text message, handwritten messages are much more powerful and memorable.

When following these three tips, you will be sure to write thank you letters that are effective in showing your gratitude and building relationships. Thank you letters leave lasting impressions on those who receive them, and when someone feels good about their relationship with you, they will be more inclined to work with you in the future and even recommend your services.