Five Ways Interning at LS2group Broadened My Skillset

May 01

Written by LS2group

By: Jennifer Schallmoser, senior public relations student at Drake University, PR/PA Intern at LS2group since August 2018

The goal of any internship is to learn and broaden your skillset to prepare you for a career in your chosen field. Since I started my public relations and public affairs internship at LS2group in August 2018, there have been several ways that interning at the number one public relations agency in Des Moines has broadened my skillset and prepared me for the next step my career.

  • Social Media Creativity

It’s common knowledge that competency in social media is a must when working in 21st century PR. Developing quality content for clients in multiple industries can be challenging at times. At LS2group, I had opportunities to embrace that challenge many times and created compelling content, specifically by designing graphics that share the client’s message in impactful visual formats. I was able to tap into my creative side, which isn’t always possible at internships, and to explore skills I wasn’t necessarily sure I possessed.  

  • Event Management

These two words in and of themselves can be particularly broad and encompassing. Planning and executing an event takes a great deal of preparation. Working behind the scenes at events has helped me develop an appreciation for just how many moving parts go into putting on a successful event. I received a crash course in this at LS2group working on one of the biggest events held in Des Moines each year, the Global Insurance Symposium (GIS). Helping the LS2group team prepare for and set up the GIS gave me valuable insight into how much time and energy goes into producing successful events. It also gave me unparalleled, hands-on experience I will be able to apply to the next event I work on.

  • Writing For Different Industries

Interning at an agency provides the unique opportunity of learning to write in multiple formats and for multiple audiences. I spent hours writing content related to insurance, wind energy, and other industries in the state of Iowa. As these topics are vastly different, it can be difficult to find the right voice for a given piece. But with the guidance of my team at LS2group, I was able to produce quality work regularly that would ultimately impact a variety of audiences.

  • Hands-On Opportunities

At LS2group, ensuring interns are learning and gaining valuable experience is a priority. An example of this a project I worked on early during my internship. One of the partners personally made sure I was attending a site visit where media would be present. I got to witness firsthand and learn how to handle questions from reporters along with how to prepare and follow up with media, thus expanding my abilities in interacting with media.

  • Working With Peers

Of the four internships I’ve held during my time in college, LS2group has been the only one where there are other interns on the team. While we all have different backgrounds and interests, and work with different teams on different projects, there were multiple occasions where we’d work together to complete major tasks. This allowed us to get to know each other professionally and personally, giving us connections, allowing us to use each other as resources, as well as the chance to become close friends for life.

I am so grateful for all LS2group has done in helping me further develop and broaden my skillset. As I begin my career in the next few months, I will think back to my experiences at 510 E. Locust Street and smile with confidence that what I learned at LS2group were solid steps which I will use to climb to become the PR professional I aspire to be.