Join Us at the Polls on November 6

Oct 08

Written by LS2group

Across the country, politics can be a touchy subject. At LS2group, we are proud of our political roots. Our team comes from all backgrounds, and our individual political beliefs range the entire spectrum. We are, what we like to call, a bipartisan utopia.

Our staff may differ widely when it comes to our political beliefs, but at the end of each day we have an immense respect for each other and our differing ideologies. We view our differences in beliefs as an opportunity to learn from each other and experience opposing viewpoints.

With the 2018 midterm elections just one month away, the groupies are more tuned in to our nation’s political climate than ever before. We know that voting is our superpower. We are excited to cast our ballots and make our voices heard on November 6. When we vote, we feel strong, loud, and empowered, and we believe we are truly making a difference in our communities.

We want others to feel the same way. That is why we are launching a Get Out The Vote campaign for the next month. We will be sharing with you some of our favorite voting memories, what we’ve learned on the campaign trail, and some helpful tricks we’ve learned over the years to make voting as easy as possible.

We hope you follow along, and most importantly, we hope you join us at the polls on November 6.