Security Services

All businesses and institutions need to ensure the safety and security of their employees, customers, and infrastructure.

All businesses and institutions need to ensure the safety and security of their employees, customers, and infrastructure. Since every situation and organization is unique, an effective security plan depends on a complete and accurate analysis integrating threats, vulnerabilities, capabilities, resources, procedures, and goals. This approach not only identifies key vulnerabilities that the organization has to physically safeguard, but also incorporates existing resources and decision processes to establish an effective, focused, and implementable framework.


Our Services

LS2group’s security consulting is focused on helping organizations examine what their key vulnerabilities are, and how to leverage existing resources to deal with them. We help ensure processes and procedures are in place to face a variety of threats. Specific tactics we employ on our clients’ behalf include the following:

  • A strategic assessment to identify critical functions and goals of the organization
  • Identifying key vulnerabilities
  • Analyzing the organization’s existing resources and decision-making processes
  • Identifying capability gaps that might exist
  • Conducting a detailed risk analysis, with a cost-benefit breakdown
  • Providing recommended courses of action for the organizational leadership to consider
  • Developing, in conjunction with the organizations’ management and employees, an integrated, comprehensive security process plan that best and most efficiently uses existing and new resources to achieve the organization’s security goals


Our Team

Eric Phillipson, a retired U.S. Army Ranger with extensive experience in emergency response planning, counterterrorism, security planning, and counter insurgency, leads our team. Eric’s career highlights include the following:

  • Counter-insurgency and security plan development for a multi-billion dollar Midwestern manufacturing facility
  • Comprehensive security and emergency response planning for a major theme park and resort
  • Counter-nuclear terrorism planning for the City of Chicago and State of Illinois
  • Public and private sector counterterrorism and counterinsurgency planning in Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Latvia, Afghanistan, and the Balkans
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction security and recovery in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, and Georgia