LS2group Rebrand Development and Launch


LS2group was founded in 2006 as a bipartisan public affairs firm. Since then, our services have grown to include public relations, government affairs, marketing, crisis communications, international counsel, and event planning. After 10 years of serving the needs of our clients, we felt the company’s brand needed to evolve to match the vibrant staff and expanded services.


LS2group conducted competitive marketing research and an internal exploration meeting to identify keywords, phrases, shapes, and colors that best describe the company, the team, and work we do for our clients. After thorough analysis, brand exploration, and collaboration with principals within the company, a new and refreshed brand identity was born that best reflects the company’s distinct personality and skill set.

The new logo maintains the blue and green of the original LS2group logo, while the stylized target represents the firm’s desire to hit the mark every time for its clients. The segments represent the versatility of the many services LS2group offers, and the touch of orange represents our passion to succeed for our clients.

The new identity is marked across our online presence and offices through updated signage, social media images, printed collateral, and a completely new website – each piece designed in-house by the marketing team. The user-friendly website showcases our team, services, portfolio, and blog, as well as stylized photography that was planned, shot, and edited in-house. Keywords and phrases established during our exploration phase are also found throughout the website and collateral to provide the public with a clear picture of the culture and quality of work LS2group produces.