SB LIII: Brands Who Scored Touchdowns vs. Brands Who Fumbled

Feb 06

Written by LS2group

The Super Bowl has a little bit of something for everybody to enjoy: competitive sports, copious amounts of delicious food, and the best (and most expensive) commercials of the year. According to Bloomberg News, a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl this year cost $5 million.

Is it worth it to spend all of that money on one commercial? What makes a good advertisement? What strategy should we use to reach our audience? But most importantly, what do your consumers want? At LS2group we have a team that specializes in strategic planning and creative direction, so lucky for you, we have come up with 2019’s best and worst Super Bowl commercials and why:


  1. Xbox and Microsoft’s Adaptive Controller – Microsoft created a new controller for users who might have difficulties using a traditional option. The commercial featured children using the new adaptive controller, and their personal stories. The ad had a very powerful affect and pulled at viewers’ heartstrings. It created an emotional connection with the audience and left a lasting impression.
  1. Hyundai’s Shopper Assurance – Hyundai paid for a minute-long ad starring Jason Bateman as an elevator bellhop taking passengers through life’s unfortunate moments, comparing car shopping to root canals, middle seats on airplanes, jury duty, and more. Basically saying, if you use Hyundai’s Shopper Assurance, it’s easier than your traditional options. What makes this so effective to viewers? It was a little sarcastic, funny, and had a well-known actor to keep the audience interested.
  1. NFL’s 100th Anniversary – The NFL celebrated its 100th year with a star studded cast of past and present players. Overall, 19 pro football hall of famers and 11 Super Bowl MVPs made an appearance for the anniversary celebration. Naturally, it was packed with tackles and hits to kick off its special year. The commercial brought viewers into the heart of everything we love about the NFL with a fun twist on the usual competition.


  1. Bud Light’s Corn Syrup Delivery – Bud Light found a way to pick a fight not only with its competitors, but also the entire corn industry. Unfortunately, Bud Light continued to make corn syrup look bad, but in reality corn syrup is a natural part of the brewing process. Miller Lite responded to these ads not only in defense of themselves, but also corn growers across the nation and are proud to get corn syrup from American farmers.

Overall, the game might have been more of a bore than years past, but the commercials and the strategies they used were still at the top of their game. The best of the best stand out and make a splash for viewers to remember for years to come.

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