LS2group’s “12 Days of Unity”

Dec 12

Written by LS2group

Leading up to November’s midterm elections, LS2groupies took a lot of time to reflect on the importance of civility in the political process. While today’s politics are increasingly partisan, our team is proud of the bipartisan camaraderie in our office, whether it be through our relationships with each other or the work we have done on behalf of our clients.

While transitioning from an Election Day mindset to a holiday mindset, the theme of civility stayed forefront in our minds. When one of our partners saw a Saturday Night Live skit focused on unity following the election, we knew that was the right word to reflect how our team was feeling during the holidays. The skit made us reflect on how we bridge gaps between our differing opinions during our daily work and how many important issues we truly agree on.

In the spirit of the holidays, we wanted to continue the discussion about bridging that gap with our team, so we have begun talking about things that unify us in our daily work lives, such as “fun coffee Fridays” or a productive brainstorm session.

We’ve decided to implement our own 12 Days of Christmas – or rather, our own 12 Days of Unity – where we will be reflecting on the importance of unity and civility not just during election season, but beyond into the holiday season.

For the next 12 days, we’re sharing some of our favorite things that bring Groupies together throughout the year, not just the holidays. Join us along our unity journey by letting us know what brings you and your colleagues together on our social pages!