6 Tips to Preparing a Public Speech and Settling Nerves

Dec 12

Written by LS2group

Giving a speech can rattle nerves, whether it’s a keynote at a large conference or a few soundbites for the press.  Here are six tips to help you remember your talking points and calm your public speaking nerves.

  1. Instead of writing out your speech word-for-word, organize your material into an outline of your key talking points.
  2. Separate your speech it into small sections that easily flow from one thought to the other. This will make it easier to remember under stress.
  3. Visualize images for each of your bullet points to help recall each topic if you get stuck. This tactic can be used for both qualitative and quantitative data, i.e. charts and bar graphs.
  4. Consider the “Method of Loci.” This method involves envisioning a physical location that you are very familiar with. Picture yourself in that location along with your surroundings. Assign a topic to each item that is around you. The items you select represent a different point in your speech, thus making it easier to guide your train of thought.
  5. If your speech does require quantitative data or statistics to reinforce a point, gather those numbers well in advance to better prepare yourself for instances in which the media or audience asks for specific examples. We do, however, recommend using statistics sparingly as they can lose the attention of the audience.
  6. Practice, practice, practice! Repetition is the key. If you allow a Question and Answer session, practice with colleagues who can ask you tough questions ahead of time so you can prepare accordingly.

Do you have a speaking opportunity in the future? Allow LS2group to assist you in developing your speech so that it translates your message into an engaging and educational experience for your audience. Our public speaking training experts will work directly with you to advance your issue, promote your organization and present your products or services in a way that the media will pay attention to and take action.